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17 Jan

How to Distract from That Much-Needed Haircut

In a perfect world, we would all abide by the rule of getting a trim every 6 weeks. Also in a perfect world, we would all have enough time, money, or room in our schedules to make that happen. I don’t think that I’ve ever stuck to that rule— no matter how many times I’ve gotten a haircut and marveled at how healthy and luscious my hair felt after. I’ve meant to, but life gets in the way and sometimes...
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13 Mar

Best Hair in Current Comics

Women and comic books have had a long, strange relationship. For many years, we were unwelcome guests, forcing ourselves into a seat at the table. Still today, many readers  follow the antiquated sexist notion that comics are, for some reason, exclusively for men. Luckily, although the past few years have...
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