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3 Jul

Our Top-5 Up-do’s For Summer

Summer is hard. Heat and humidity is hard. Keeping you hair tame during all of that nonsense? You know, sweating, doing and redoing pony tails and buns over and over again to keep those straggly strands off of your face? So. Freaking Hard. While you may be one of those badass babes who braves the heat and continues to wear your hair down during these sweltering months (we seriously commend you), not all of us have the time or the patience...
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13 Mar

Best Hair in Current Comics

Women and comic books have had a long, strange relationship. For many years, we were unwelcome guests, forcing ourselves into a seat at the table. Still today, many readers  follow the antiquated sexist notion that comics are, for some reason, exclusively for men. Luckily, although the past few years have...
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