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13 May

A Reflection on Hair and Personality

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Hair is the essential visual part of one’s personality. Quite a statement? Well, think of it this way: it’s one of the only superficial aspects of us that remains when the makeup and the clothes come off. Hair is always there.

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(Damn, I’d never look that good with Grey hair. Hats off to this lady—which I only wear on bad hair days of course.)

Short and flirty, long and sultry, curled and quirky– hair speaks to who you are as a person. Hair helps tell your story. What is one of the most common things people do when they are going through some major life event—good or bad? They change up their hair. I think that says a lot about how much weight we put towards those locks on our heads.

So yes, we all love to change our hair up from time to time. Hairstyles tend to become personal bookmarkers of our past. Look back to the mall bangs and it’ll remind you of that tough time you were probably going through in 1992. 

I haven’t seen my natural hair color in perhaps a decade—it was some variation of brown—allegedly. More recently—for about the past 5 years—I’ve had red hair. All different shades of the red spectrum (literally— from strawberry blonde, to carrot top orange, to fire engine red, and nearly plum purple) have adorned my head. My rouge tresses have not only become a staple in my look, but a part of my personality—I really can’t imagine myself not being a redhead. I’ve literally been called “Red” by people.

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Did I mention I rocked the red-to-blonde ombre for a while? Made possible by Great Lengths, of course.

Before that, I had been dying my hair black for years and people called me Goth Queen (I took it as a compliment). Hair really does heavily contribute to shaping your identity—and the best part is—you have complete control over what that may be. Do you think “blondes have more fun?” —then go ahead, go blonde! Let your hair relay a message to outsiders about who you are.

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Sigh, rock-queen Jennie Vee makes me wish I had the courage to go blonde.

Don’t let people tell you “it’s just hair”, ever.  Hair really is a much bigger part of who you are then we’re led to think. Don’t let people tell you “it’s just hair” when you feel bad about horrible dye job or a bad haircut—the emotions that come along with that negative experience are very real. And definitely, don’t let people tell you “it’s just hair” when you are excited about a new hairstyle you tried. Revel in the fact that you took a leap of faith and tried something different—you were brave enough to literally alter your identity. Not everyone has an easy time doing that. Go, you!

Our hair is our personality. Literally, we were born with it. And we can do with that what we will. 

Nicole Napolitano
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