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13 May

Pastel Hair is Not Going Away—So Here’s How to Do it Right

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Pastel hair has been queen for what feels like forever now. You would think that at this point, the pretty pinks and subdued blues would feel tired. However, like any good trend with staying power, the pastel shades continue to evolve and stay fresh in our ever-changing beauty world. Here’s how you can make pastels work this season without feeling like it has all been done before.




Take your mermaid hair to the next level by embracing the opal hair color trend. You’ll be as gorgeous as the pearls that inspire this color, with soft and iridescent pinks, blues, and purples highlighted throughout. This is definitely a color move that you’ll want to try with a very experienced hairstylist.


Pastel rainbow under lights


Gone are the days of a full head of My Little Pony hair. Now, we’re all about the underlayer. This style trend allows you to keep the top layer of your hair a sensible color while adding every shade of the pastel rainbow to the underlayer. The trend allows you to let your freak flag fly with gorgeous colors without getting written up at work or offending your grandmother too much.


Murky pastels


If you always dug the pastel trend but were never ready to be quite so bright and cheery when it came to your hair color, you’re in luck. This year we’re embracing the murky pastel look. You’ll start with an ash-brown base and mix in muted pastels that give the effect that the colors have all melted together into a murky, magnificent mix.


Rose gold


Not only is rose gold our preferred shade for jewelry (keep that in mind, guys), it’s also such a dreamy hair trend right now! The amazing thing about this blush blonde shade is that it almost looks natural when it’s done right. Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone 😉


Pop in the color

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Commitment is really hard. We can barely settle on what we’re having for lunch, let alone our hair color! That’s why we’re super into the GL Apps tape in extensions. With the help of your GL Apps certified stylist, you can throw in a few smoky lavender or seafoam green highlights that will last for a month, look gorgeous, and do absolutely no damage to your hair.


Alexis Priester
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