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1 Jun

Ice Ice… Maybe?


According to Glamour, it is the hair for summer. Well, it does seem to be catching on—doesn’t it? Celebrities everywhere are donning the new look—and we all know what that means: so will everyone else. Mark my word. You’re going to see a lot of borderline white hair this summer because people are reckless (but they’re going to look so damn good).

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 3.45.06 PMThis new hair trend is sweeping everyone off their feet and over to their hair salons because obviously, we’re always looking for something new to torture our hairdressers (and our scalps) with. Well thank god for products like Olaplex which will somewhat salvage any dignity and life that exists beneath the gooped on bleach that is frying our hair into oblivion—and also have our hairdressers (god bless ‘em) less hesitant to try out these fleeting trends on us.

I have to admit, though, this look has my inner Debbie Harry wannabe sweating with desire—desire to dump my head in a vat of bleach. Maybe it’s because I’m a part of a generation obsessed with the idea of being a “bad bitch”—which includes having the courage to go to ‘extremes’ with your hair. This notion has some of us ready to go white-blonde without second thought, regardless of whatever consequences might follow (which may have you soaking your locks in leave-in conditioner and coconut oil for months after, right?).


(If I ever said “yas”, this would be the time.)

When I first saw Jennifer Lawrence with these icy tresses, I was all ‘heart-eyes’ and such (she can really pull off anything, though). I was actually ready to call my salon and book an appointment with my colorist to be completely honest. I knew she would laugh in my bottle-red-headed face, though.

And then I saw Kristen Stewart had followed suit, bringing her edgy exterior to new levels of ‘I’ll do whatever I want’ and I said to myself : ‘well, maybe if I just explain to my colorist that I’ve been feeling badly about myself and need to make some drastic change to feel better, she’d take pity on me’. She’d be sure to not only give me a hug and a tissue, but these platinum locks I started to covet. My master plan would have to work.

Eh, no, she probably still wouldn’t do it.


The reason my colorist would be so hesitant to transform my head from copper to the ‘a Lighter Shade of Pale’? Well for starters—It would take too much bleach to get my hair to accept this change. My natural color is pretty dark brown so it’s amazing my hair is even red right now. Secondly, I go through color phases the same way Henry VIII went through wives—I can never commit (no one dies in my situaiton though. But there is dye involed. Get it? Haha). She knows that if she did something this drastic color-wise with me, I’d just want to go Dita Von Teese black the next week. It’s not worth the time, damage, or money.

But still— did you see how transformative this look is for Taylor swift?

cf0171214e9a5408_unnamed.xxxlarge_2x Taylor-Swift-BMI-Pop-Awards-2016-Pictures

I’m sorry, but she is a vision. Is this the same goodie-good who sang about crying onto a guitar? She’s always been popularly blonde, but this icy hair completely 180-ed her image. She looks like she just stepped out of the long gone Studio 54 (as opposed to a high school football game). Unfortunately for my hairdresser, seeing Taylor Swift’s new look is what has officially, 100%, converted me to icy-blondism (a new religious calling? Probably!) and I will be in that swiveling salon chair next week. If I go through with it, that is. Stay tuned, perhaps?

Nicole Napolitano
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