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16 Jun

Dogs Who Are Definitely Wearing Hair Extensions

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Dogs may be the most beautiful creatures to have ever graced this planet. Those puppy dog eyes, fluffy paws, and adorable little snouts are enough to reduce me to tears every time I make eye contact with a pup on the street. In fact, there are some dogs out there who are just so beautiful that I cannot help but think they have to be wearing hair extensions! I mean, how does that golden retriever have such a long, silky coat? What kind of poodle has such full curls in this NYC humidity? Those Blue Buffalo commercials have lead us to believe that it has something to do with their diet but I know there are some dogs out there who get a little extra help at the groomer. That’s right: they have to be wearing extensions. Here are just a few dogs whom I am positive are rocking Great Lengths. Work it puppies; you look amazing!



Come on pup, you’re not fooling anyone with hair that long.


Hair that thick and shiny can’t possibly come naturally.


 In order to achieve that kind of volume, anyone would have to put a few bundles in!


How can a dog possibly rock the “May I Speak to Your Manager” haircut without extensions?!


If Selena Gomez can admit to wearing Great Lengths, then you puppies can too.


Are you at least willing to admit that that top bouffant of sorts is a clip-in?


You girls look so gorgeous – please let me in on your secrets!


We’ve all put a piece or two in before honey, just tell the truth.


There is no doubt in my mind that she achieved this adorable little bow with extensions.


I would be smiling too if I managed to trick everyone into thinking that was all my real hair!


She’s definitely using those GL Apps to keep up with the pastel hair trend.


I’m sorry but no one believes you achieved this 70s glam look with your natural hair alone.


All I’m saying is, I’d never be able to achieve such a perfect little braided headband without some help.

Alexis Priester
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