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18 Jul

How to Survive Summer With Bangs

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Bangs. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, they’ve been gracing foreheads for decades. From pin-up girls on the sides of WWII bombers—who kept the faith alive for the young, strapping men in battle—to Jane Birkin’s sixties-chic iconic fringe, to Zooey Deschanel’s adorable face-framing locks, many ladies (and even men!) have taken the oath to uphold their fringe.  Effortlessly tousled or blunt and sleek, people have been finding different ways to rock bangs with any look.  Personally, I just use them to cover up my five-head (kind of like a forehead, but think bigger), but that’s a personal problem.

0_15ccdc_952e2d9d_XLI have lived with bangs my entire life, excluding my sophomore year of college, a time when I was feeling foolishly bold. The photos from that year pop up in my ‘Facebook Memories’ from time to time and still make me shiver. I cut my bangs again and never looked back. That being said, I consider myself a bit of an expert when it comes to bang-maintenance. Which—trust me—there is a lot of.  So if you have bangs, are new to the club, or are considering going under the knife (or shears, in this situation) now is a pretty bold time.  By now, I mean summer.  Summer and bangs are not friends, the same way rain and bangs are NOT friends.  Summer comes with its own special set of trials and tribulations so here are my tips on surviving summer with bangs (Note: It’s impossible, but it’s worth a try.) Before we get started I want to let you know: you’re a superhero if you go through these sweltering months with your bangs consistently in check. That’s impressive and definitely deserves a place on your resume (under your skills sections).


It doesn’t matter if you shower and blow-dry or primp and prepare before work each morning, it’s just a fact of life: when it is hot….you will sweat.  And bangs act like a big blanket for your forehead that make you sweat even more.  And when this happens it looks like you cooled off in some sprinklers on your morning commute.   If you have time to primp and prepare in the morning you are also far more put together than I am.  If you are like me, you shower at night and call an Uber from bed and hope you have your pants on by the time it gets there.  In cases such as these, I find it helps to have some baby powder on deck.  This has been a lifesaving trick for me especially in these trying months.  Baby powder is cheap and you can buy it anywhere; BONUS: you don’t need much for it to help out that little bit of fringe.  Sprinkling a bit at the roots of your bangs and brushing it through dries up any grease or sweat hanging around and makes you look professional and showered and ready for the day.  You can also use it more than once throughout so it’s a cheap and easy fix around the clock.


Next tool: dry shampoo.  Life saver? My best friend?  Both. To avoid looking like Lydia Deetz (she rocked it, I cannot) dry shampoo has become one of those things I tend to carry around with me everywhere I go in the summertime.  Like Linus and his blanket.  Dry shampoo is a bit more practical to carry around than baby powder because you avoid the issue of it potentially spilling in your purse. Which will accidentally make you look like Tony Montana from Scarface with a mountain of white powder at the bottom of your purse.  Yes, I am speaking from experience.



If you don’t want to wash your hair every day, but your bangs look a little worse than the rest of your hair when you wake up in the morning, pull your longer hair back and just give your bangs a quick wash in the sink.  I have found that only using shampoo helps keep your bangs looking cleaner all day.  If you wash them with both shampoo and conditioner, the conditioner will leave the hair looking greasy.  A quick rinse through in the morning with some shampoo makes them fluffy and clean and ready for the day. If you feel this leaves them too dry, throw in a spritz of shine spray before blow drying.


When you turn in for the night, the worst thing you can do to your bangs (and your face) is leaving those hairs lying on your forehead. Why? I mean it’s pretty obvious— it leaves them lying in the sweat or grease that accumulates on your face overnight. And then the oils from your hair get absorbed by the pores on your forehead or something like that. I don’t know—I’m not a dermatologist. Just trust me, it’s gross.  Using small clips or bobby pins (keep them small for comfort reasons, or don’t— it’s your life)  pin your bangs back for the night to help ensure any grease won’t soak into your bangs and be waiting for you there in the morning.  Washing your face before bed really helps on that front too.  



Have a fun summer, greasy bangs and all.  When you don’t have to look professional or work ready, just forget all the hassle and get those bangs out there on the beach and get ‘em sandy and salt water-y and have a good time.  You’re brave enough rocking those bangs every day.  Take a break and enjoy, you’ve earned it.


Leisa Loan
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  • Paul Wilson

    I really enjoyed this article. Has a lot of different ways to look at bangs. I am a guy and have had beatle bangs all my life. Summer is the worst. Thanks Leisa for the background- ideas -solutions and yes a few laughs. You rock and yes long live bangs. Thank You and hope to see more of your ideas.

    July 20, 2016 at 3:04 am Reply

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