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25 Jul

Hairstyles You Can Sweat In

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Maybe it’s just me but my biggest reason for not working out is that I don’t have the time or the patience to deal with my hair after it’s over. Sure, I feel motivated and fulfilled once I’ve gotten through a run or a Bikram class, but the idea of managing my curls post-gym sesh is a nightmare. I have my fingers crossed that science will soon develop a sweat-proof blowout but until then, I rely on a few cute hairstyles that will take me from the elliptical straight to the office and out for drinks after work. Plus, we all know a little sweat and dirt never hurt—in fact, it often helps our hair look its best. So stock up on that dry shampoo and get to sweatin’.


Ballerina Bun
Say what you will about ballerina buns, but it remains one of the best
options for a polished, post-gym look. If it can remain frizz-free once
you’re done with your run, you can easily leave it up. Or, think of the
beachy waves you’ll have when you let it down. I don’t recommend this
one for yoga. The last thing you want is a bun in the back of your head
getting in the way of your Savasana; you have earned that corpse pose.


Top Knot
top knot
Like its sister, the aforementioned ballerina bun, the top knot gets a bad
“basic” rap. It often looks lazy and disheveled, which is fine if you’ll just
be going back to bed after your run but it’s a Monday and you need to
get to work. Making it look good is as simple as brushing your hair,
maybe even a little backcombing for some extra volume, using a couple
bobby pins, and making sure the bun is centered and even on the top of
your head. Unlike the ballerina bun, this look sits higher up so it is
Savasana safe.


Bunched ponytail
cinched pony

Back when I was a basketball star in the early 2000s, I always rocked the
“bunched (or cinched) ponytail.” We didn’t really have a name for it then;
we just called it convenient. This is a great update for the plain pony that
will keep everything in place while you’re working out but still looks
cute when you’re grabbing coffee afterwards. Take a tip from my
adolescent stylebook and use hair elastics in your team colors to show
your dedication to sports.


Braid crown
braid crown
I always thought the braid crown took too much time and patience for
workouts, especially considering I’m barely coherent enough to put my
hair in a sloppy bun when I wake up at 6am for a yoga class. But then I
tried it—and it’s the answer to all my hot yoga hair prayers. One hour
and several downward dogs later, my hair still looks adorable.


Space buns
space buns
Space buns (or double buns) bring back memories of the afro puffs of my
youth, which were admittedly a great hairstyle for keeping cool during the
summer. I can’t quite rock the puffs anymore but I am certainly into
wearing the space buns these days. My hair stays out of my face and I can
go from spin class to sushi dates.


Side braid
Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 9.27.14 AM
The side braid is my go-to hairstyle for every single day of my life. Barre?
Side braid. Burlesque-inspired workouts? Side braid. Walking to work?
Side braid. Sailing? Side braid. Day drinking in the park? Side braid.
The side braid looks good as is but also produces perfect tousles
when you take it out after the gym.


Dutch-braided bun
A dutch-braided bun is similar to the braid crown and equally workout
proof. You’ll look effortlessly cool and gorgeous before, during, and after
your kickboxing class. This is one of those styles that somehow looks
better the messier and looser it gets.


High pony
high ponytail
There is something so elegant about a sleek high ponytail. With the right
hairspray and a couple well-placed bobby pins, you’ll be able to
seamlessly transition from pilates class to a backyard BBQ with not a hair
out of place.


Alexis Priester
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