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7 Apr

Rainbow Roots…Would You Try it?


We all know the struggle of constantly having to cover up roots. You don’t get the exciting rush associated with change. There’s no “big reveal”. There’s no invigorating reinvention. We cover our roots for one simple reason: to feel normal. It’s more a chore than anything. But what If there was a way to make covering those baby hairs a bit more exciting than usual? Enter rainbow roots.

This colorful trend is taking off in salon chairs across the globe. Perhaps because it’s a break from the monotony of getting your roots done; perhaps because it’s freakin’ awesome.

There is a very obvious downside to this trend: your roots are going to look very, very strange when they start growing out. After about a month of rocking the roots, you’re undoubtedly going to have a strange halo of color around your head. So yeah, this trend is definitely maintenance heavy, so please keep that in mind before running to your stylist with images of Instagram models.

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 10.42.29 AM

Maintenance aside, we really dig this. It adds a splash of personality to your look without sacrificing your whole head to the cotton candy hair gods. Another plus? You can go the peek-a-boo route for something a bit more subtle if you are afraid to commit to rainbow roots. (example: doing the ‘under roots’ of your hair instead of top layer).

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If you aren’t naturally white blonde, which you probably aren’t, you better be prepared to slather your roots in bleach before you do anything, of course. The unfortunate reality of the countless colorful-hair-trends-of-late is that a lot of bleach must be involved before we can actually do anything. This can come with a lot of damage, especially if you plan on keeping up with the maintenance.

So, is this trend for you? Or just a plain bad idea? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Nicole Napolitano
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