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30 Oct

13 of the Best Halloween Hairstyles EVER


They’re spooky, they’re bold, they’re unforgettable. Halloween hairstyles are an integral part of any good costume, and it’s time we start giving them a little more appreciation. Just like in real life, the perfect look requires the perfect mane. Plus, Halloween is the ideal time to whip out any wigs, clip-ins, or other hair accessories you’ve been waiting to debut. Here’s a list of the top 15 iconic hairstyles given to us by some of the most classic Halloween stories.

The Sanderson Sisters (Hocus Pocus)

These girls are the definition of Halloween Hair perfection. Feast your eyes on the ultimate witchy updo, courtesy of Winnie Sanderson (Bette Midler). That heart-shaped ginger madness. I’m not sure exactly what you have to throw into a cauldron to achieve this perfect volume, but I’m willing to search. Not to be outdone, Mary Sanderson (Kathy Najimy) trails right behind her sister for the title of Highest Halloween Hair. Who needs a witchy hat when your hair already looks like it could sort you into Gryffindor at any moment? Of course, we can’t forget Sarah Sanderson (Sarah Jessica Parker) who keeps it simple and chic with her long blonde curls, probably gained from some casual human sacrifice. Who knows.


A spunky blue bob perfectly represents Coraline’s character, as well as her story. It’s simultaneously classic, containing all the chilling elements of an iconic 90’s Halloween flick, and refreshing. While she may not be entirely satisfied with her normal life, I seriously hope she felt great about being the coolest eleven-year-old girl in her (extremely creepy) neighborhood. You know how things always improve and/or become perfect when she goes into that weird button-eyed world? Ever notice how her hair always stays the same? Yeah, just saying.

Dr. Frank-N-Furter (Rocky Horror Picture Show)

Tim Curry really outdid himself in this role (in just about every aspect). The impeccable outfits, the RuPaul-approved eyeshadow, the pelvic thrusting. It’s enough to make any mortal question their morals, and he utilizes that throughout all of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Of course, his thick, dark curls are the cherry on top of the seductive androgynous sundae. Which hair care company should utilize this Transylvanian as a spokesperson? Because Frank is one alien whose curls are out this world. (I had to)


It’s like the Swamp Thing walked into an electric fence. It’s like Shrek at his prom in the 80’s. It’s Beetlejuice’s hair. His lime green fuzzball helped him become an instant cult classic, along with the striped suit of course. Let’s face it, nothing really screams “Halloween” quite like a giant frizzy mop of Frankenstein-green hair. Also, we have to give Honorable Mention to his old pal, Lydia Deetz, whose gelled bangs inspired all my goth friends for years to come.

Marge Simpson (The Treehouse of Horror VIII)

The Simpsons’ Treehouse of Horror specials were, and are, the most important recurring Halloween-themed episodes of any television show. This particular episode features a segment called “Easy Bake Coven” which teleports us back to a 1649 version of Springfield where Marge and her sisters are outed as witches. Her normally royal blue beehive gets a ghoulish black dye job, clearly inspired by the Bride of Frankenstein herself. Of course, America’s Favorite Mom rocks the creepy crimped edges like a queen and terrorizes the town in style.

Aggie Cromwell (Halloweentown)

It’s no secret that Disney Channel Original Movies are responsible for some of the most iconic Halloween content ever created. DCOMs like Phantom of the Megaplex, Twitches, Tower of Terror, and Don’t Look Under The Bed were the stepping stones into the realm of big-kid horror movies for most of us millennials. In the eternally memorable Halloweentown, Aggie, the grandmother of the protagonist, has one of my absolute favorite low-key witch hairstyles ever. The short, quirky curls give her character a visual sense of tenacity and energy, which matches her M.O. She’s got the familiarity of your grandmother, with a little spunky, spooky twist.

Pennywise (It, 1990)

How can I not include Pennywise in a list like this? This clown is evil incarnate, and his hair is a bright red flag to warn you. The spooky nature of his appearance is heightened by the weirdly comical clown hair, and probably created a fear of regular clowns for a solid 30% of the population. Pennywise’s fiery red wafts match his blood-red mouth and nose just a little too perfectly, which adds to his already unsettling presence.  I know he’s not lying about the “we all float down here” thing because his hair is basically levitating at all times.

Sally (Nightmare Before Christmas)

The ultimate sleek-but-spooky style. Although her body may be stitched together from discarded fabric and stuffed full of dead leaves, her hair is full of life. The signature silky red locks bring a dimension of reality to Sally’s character design, which is largely unrealistic otherwise, like all good Halloween outfits! Her classic super straight, middle-parted style seems pretty impossible to achieve with the very few amount of styling products in Dr. Finkelstein’s lab, but I suppose a movie about a skeleton who’s getting bored of Halloween isn’t really shooting for realistic anyway.

Cousin Itt (The Addams Family)
cousin it

The ultimate hairstyle. Nothing. But. Hair. It’s brilliant. All you need is a good pair of sunnies and a cute hat and bam, your outfit of the day is completely ready to go. Do you think Cousin Itt has ever tried a top bun? Or bangs? I’m going to need some college-era photos of this guy, as soon as possible, please. I can’t say a giant hairball is necessarily that scary, but it’s just weird enough to work as a Halloween look. Pretty sure the only way anyone in real life could achieve a style this full is with two-lifetime supplies of Great Lengths extensions.

Bill Haverchuck as The Bionic Woman (Freaks and Geeks)

The iconic, criminally short-lived series Freaks and Geeks gave us a cornucopia of late 90’s fashion, so it’s no surprise that the Halloween episode features one of the best outfits of the entire series.  The geeks decide to fight the status quo and go trick or treating, even though they’re considered “too old”. The judgment they receive from their peers is definitely exacerbated by Bill’s costume choices, most specifically, his glorious blonde wig. While I personally love the gleaming platinum tresses draped over Bill’s classic wire-framed aviators, I guess I could see why some may find it a bit out of the ordinary. But, as always, Bill’s stark originality and creativity inspire us to be ourselves, even if nobody really understands our costume choices.

David S. Pumpkins (Saturday Night Live)

More like David S. Perm-kins am I right? Our dance-tastic holiday homie always kicks it up a notch, so obviously, his hair has to be electrifying. Tom Hanks, as usual, comes in hot with the super tight curls he’s been sporting since the Turner and Hooch days, only this time he’s thrown in a super spooky silver streak, which is clearly another homage to the Bride of Frankenstein. As if America’s Dad couldn’t get any more perfect, he had to go and give us one of the best Halloween SNL sketches of all time. Any questions?

Edward Scissorhands

This man loves hair, folks. Like everything Tim Burton touches, our pal Edward is a delightful mix of disturbing and adorable. His out-of-control style is perfect for Halloween, although it makes no sense that he never gave himself one of those dashing stylish haircuts. Edward represents all things innocent and unknowing, so it makes sense that he basically has permanent bedhead. The jet-black tangles against his snow-white skin are a total gothic dream, as is the rest of his aesthetic in general. Not only is this movie full of great lessons about life, limitations, and society, it’s also full of fashion inspiration and…. Unique haircut ideas.

The Hex Girls (Scooby Doo & The Witch’s Ghost)

It began with sisters, it’s got to end with sisters too. These girls inspired my personal style preferences from a super young age, and I know I’m not the only one. Thorn, Dusk, and Luna were easily the coolest girls I had ever seen in a cartoon, and honestly, they still might be. Thorn not only had an incredible mane of black and reddish hair, she was also the first outwardly Wiccan character I ever saw in a kid’s movie. The Hex Girls even refer to themselves as “Eco-Goths” at one point, which is potentially the most amazing character trait I’ve ever heard. Dusk and Luna are also total rock stars in regard to both musical ability and hairstyle. Dusk’s blonde pigtails are reminiscent of a punk rock Bubbles, and Luna’s bright red shaggy bob brings the witchy trio to perfection. So this Halloween season, remember; you better be respecting the Earth. Because they’re the Hex Girls, and they will put an environmentally friendly spell on you.

Emily Neal
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