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17 Jan

How to Distract from That Much-Needed Haircut


In a perfect world, we would all abide by the rule of getting a trim every 6 weeks. Also in a perfect world, we would all have enough time, money, or room in our schedules to make that happen. I don’t think that I’ve ever stuck to that rule— no matter how many times I’ve gotten a haircut and marveled at how healthy and luscious my hair felt after. I’ve meant to, but life gets in the way and sometimes… it’s just not a priority.

I’m currently putting off a trip to the salon, for a few reasons: one, I preemptively decided that the next haircut I get will be a big one. Two, I’m trying to let my hair return to its natural color after years of abusing bleach and dye. At this point, I just want to at least let it grow out (but it’s hard to do that without getting trims). In the meantime, I’ll just gonna throw in my clip-ins and remain blissfully unaware of how broken my ends are. And finally three, I just don’t have the time to carve out of my busy schedule. So, because I can guarantee that a lot of you know what I’m going through, here are some tips to help disguise your desperate need of a cut when you just can’t get to a salon.


1. Work on getting it healthy.

This may be difficult to do since you aren’t going to actually get rid of the dead ends, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still put in the work. Knowing that I don’t have a haircut to make my hair look refreshed motivates me to do more with what I have. For me, that means doing hair masks 1-2 times per week, limiting heat as much as I can, and trying to use the best shampoo & conditioner that I can afford.


2. Experimenting with hairstyles.

via @annaleebelle on instagram

via @annaleebelle on instagram

I’m a pretty simple person when it comes to hairstyling, but sometimes I just really need to hide the fact that my roots are growing in or my dead ends resemble straw. An easy go-to, which is nothing revolutionary, is a topknot or a French braid. These styles work miracles in allowing an otherwise ratty mop of hair appear very put-together. Pro tip: double the buns for added fun!


3. Curl the ends/bottom parts of your hair.



 As someone who was a total slave to the straightening iron for the majority of my life, it was a relief when I finally learned how to curl my hair properly. Not only was I opening myself up to new hair ideas, but it looks much healthier. Curls can hide a multitude of sins, and it’s better than clamping your strands between two hot pieces of metal. One heatless way to achieve curl is to use those leave in rollers, like these, which you can just throw in while you sleep. Or, you can have dance recital flashbacks (at least I do) and use sponge rollers like these, for a tighter and bouncier curl.  

4. Clip-in extensions.

via Hairdo

via Hairdo

 This tip was generously shared by a friend who is no stranger to hair extensions and even came with me to buy a pair my senior year of college when I was going on vacation and wanted to have “mermaid hair”. According to her: take a section of hair, twist it up into a clip, and attach the extension to the section of hair underneath it.  Voila! You can also use a clip-on pony that will not only mask your natural hair but add serious volume to it. You can find extensions on from our sister company hairdo, which doesn’t require a trip to the salon and can be taken in and out as often as you like.


5. Utilize winter wear.

In the winter, I’ve seen girls wear their hair tucked into their sweater (obviously one that’s pretty thick so that it actually holds the hair in) or underneath a scarf. Not only does it add an extra layer of warmth, it looks adorable and cozy too.

Honestly, just find a salon and get it taken care of.


Laura D'Angelo
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