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Author: Emily Neal

30 Oct

13 of the Best Halloween Hairstyles EVER

They’re spooky, they’re bold, they’re unforgettable. Halloween hairstyles are an integral part of any good costume, and it’s time we start giving them a little more appreciation. Just like in real life, the perfect look requires the perfect mane. Plus, Halloween is the ideal time to whip out any wigs, clip-ins, or other hair accessories you’ve been waiting to debut. Here’s a list of the top 15 iconic hairstyles given to us by some of the most classic Halloween stories. The Sanderson Sisters (Hocus Pocus) These girls are the definition of Halloween Hair perfection. Feast your eyes on the ultimate witchy updo, courtesy of Winnie Sanderson (Bette Midler). That heart-shaped ginger madness. I’m not sure exactly what you have to throw into...
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13 Mar

Best Hair in Current Comics

Women and comic books have had a long, strange relationship. For many years, we were unwelcome guests, forcing ourselves into a seat at the table. Still today, many readers  follow the antiquated sexist notion that comics are, for some reason, exclusively for men. Luckily, although the past few years have been tumultuous for everyone, we can look back and at least agree that women have finally been invited to the once-Boys Club of graphic novels. We have been consistently, increasingly thriving in the comic book world, both as characters and creators. The results of this can be seen on any local comic shop shelf; tons and tons of highly successful stories written, illustrated, created by, or featuring women can be...
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5 Jan

The BEST Ways to Winter-Proof Your Hair

According to a recent study conducted by science, winter is literally the worst. The freezing temperatures can ruin various aspects of your day, but they really go the extra mile on your hair. If you’re anything like me you tend to look like a cranky pile of trash all winter. Why? Because fixing your hair in the winter so often feels like a futile mission. A measly effort. Picture it: you spend an hour, from shower to straightener, fixing your hair to perfection for that Christmas party. You take all the extra steps to make it super cute, down to the tiniest strand. Then, after all your hard work, you throw on a huge sweater, then a coat, then a...
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18 Nov

How A Mop Head Taught Me Self Confidence

She's a mother. She's an academic. She's got a head of hair that just never quits. That's right, I'm talking about my mom, Dr. Jody Giles. There are many things that my mother has done that I find massively inspiring. For example? That time she obtained a PhD in Psychology while raising three children on her own (yeah, she’s a badass). Or the way she always stands her ground when up against a bully. Or even the way she treats other humans with compassion and deep empathy, regardless of the situation. But today, I want to focus on a much more tangible source of respect and inspiration: her hair. All my life, her hair has looked like this. There have been variations...
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11 Oct

Why A Good Haircut Makes You Feel Like A God

Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 11.50.52 AM
Getting a great haircut is quite possibly the most criminally underrated act of radical self-improvement that currently exists in society. Sound dramatic? Think about it. Visualize with me, here. You’re staring at yourself in the mirror for the 9th time this morning, dragging yourself through another dreary round of mundane routine accented with bad breath and a cheap-wine-hangover. You stare at your closet full of clothes you’ve worn ten thousand times, longing for a day when you feel revitalized by the sight of your own wardrobe. Chugging another cup of microwaved coffee, you think about a life in which you had enough energy to survive the day ahead of you without the feeling of artificial adrenaline pumping through your body....
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2 Sep

Am-HAIR-ican Icons: Southern Fried Edition

Do you ever wake up in the morning and feel the weight of existence pressing heavily on every inch of your feeble, mortal shell? You know—those mornings where the feeling of eternal dread sets in slowly, creeping through your brain like an incurable sickness, engulfing every ounce of happiness you ever held close. Everyone has had those days—days that make you feel like there’s no possibility of even a single shred of joy left in this sad, sick world. But fear not, friends. There is an eternal silver lining. A platinum-blonde beacon of love and kindness. A strong, undefeatable force that almost every single American has grown to know and cherish. That’s right. Dolly Parton’s hair. Now, go with me here. Dolly Parton’s hair...
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28 Jul

Chronicles of a Fake Redhead: A Cautionary Tale

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 2.02.48 PM
It was hot. It was really, really hot. It was a heat wave, actually. The air was thick, the clothes were thin, and our upper lips were glistening like the well-oiled chest of an Old Spice model. Ah, the summer of ’69. Actually it was like, 2011. Either way, I was headed to Six Flags with a car load of my closest friends, dreams of funnel cakes and corn dogs running through our heads. I was, obviously, feeling myself in my brand new stretchy floral shorts, plain white t-shirt, and freshly colored auburn curls pulled into the same low-bun I wore at my part time job scooping popcorn at the movie theater. One of my Classic Summer Looks™. This summer, however, was...
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