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Author: Nicole Napolitano

3 Jul

Our Top-5 Up-do’s For Summer

Summer is hard. Heat and humidity is hard. Keeping you hair tame during all of that nonsense? You know, sweating, doing and redoing pony tails and buns over and over again to keep those straggly strands off of your face? So. Freaking Hard. While you may be one of those badass babes who braves the heat and continues to wear your hair down during these sweltering months (we seriously commend you), not all of us have the time or the patience to tame the mess that the humidity has left our hair with. We rounded up a few hairstyles you can rock this summer that’ll turn heads AND save you the time and energy of dealing with heated hair tools. SPACE BUNS [caption...
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7 Apr

Rainbow Roots…Would You Try it?

We all know the struggle of constantly having to cover up roots. You don't get the exciting rush associated with change. There's no "big reveal". There's no invigorating reinvention. We cover our roots for one simple reason: to feel normal. It's more a chore than anything. But what If there was a way to make covering those baby hairs a bit more exciting than usual? Enter rainbow roots. This colorful trend is taking off in salon chairs across the globe. Perhaps because it's a break from the monotony of getting your roots done; perhaps because it's freakin' awesome. There is a very obvious downside to this trend: your roots are going to look very, very strange when they start growing out. After about a...
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15 Feb

Great Lengths Spotlight: Danielle Keasling

Danielle Keasling via Instagram
Great Lengths Educators and Guest Artists are some of the best in the beauty game. We spoke with Danielle Keasling (@danielle.keasling), one of Great Length's Guest Artists as well as Matrix US Artistic Director and owner of Salon Karma in Bluffton, South Carolina, to get insight on what she does for Great Lengths, what inspired her to get into the hair business, and much more! Danielle Keasling via Instagram GL: Tell us a bit about yourself—how long have you been doing hair? DK: I’ve been doing hair for 17 years. I own a salon in Bluffton, South Carolina and I am an artistic director for Matrix. I work for CBC (Christopher Benson Collective) and I’m a guest artist for Great Lengths. GL:...
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7 Dec

Embrace Your Grey Hair—Everyone Else Is

We grew up around women, and even men, who were always running to the salon (or the supermarket for box dye) at the sight of a grey hair. Even the most microscopic strand, nestled among a sea of non-greys, would get slathered in dye once it came out to say hi. Covering up grey roots or strands isn’t exactly the cheapest upkeep either. Even if times were tough, the hair maintenance cost seemed to take precedent. Forget about groceries or Christmas presents if your mom got a visit from the grey hair fairy, right? Well, maybe that’s an exaggeration—but it’s no joke when it comes to a woman or man wanting to keep their youth at bay. To most, grey...
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22 Jul

Deliciously Horrible Hair of Yesteryear

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 9.58.06 AM
Trends are trends for a reason: we know they’re fleeting. We know they have somewhat of a lifespan. We know they’re not here to stay. It’s as if we are consciously aware that a type of dress or a hairstyle will eventually die out, but we embrace them anyway. But why do we “know” this? Why is a trend a trend? Because it’s too weird— or endearingly stupid—to be a mainstay or a classic? I guess posing that question is like asking why high-heeled sneakers were popular—there is just no logical answer or explanation. I'm no trend expert but I can only make the assumption that we do ridiculous things to ourselves for the sake of  "fashion" because we are all sheep....
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24 Jun

10 Characters Whose Hair We Love (And Don’t)

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 11.44.35 PM
Unfortunately, the television characters we all know and love are just the figment of some random screenwriter’s imagination. We can’t actually grab a drink with Carrie Bradshaw at a chic SoHo restaurant or ask Peg Bundy for some motherly advice (uh, that last one probably wouldn’t be the greatest idea anyway). Even though these characters are fictional, their physical representations undoubtedly cast lasting impressions on us. As a visual species, we draw cues from our surroundings to create our own looks (or to gain awareness of what not to do). That being said, fictional characters in film and on television play a vital role in shaping their respective generation's style.   The following women may not actually be real, but their...
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1 Jun

Ice Ice… Maybe?

According to Glamour, it is the hair for summer. Well, it does seem to be catching on—doesn't it? Celebrities everywhere are donning the new look—and we all know what that means: so will everyone else. Mark my word. You’re going to see a lot of borderline white hair this summer because people are reckless (but they’re going to look so damn good). This new hair trend is sweeping everyone off their feet and over to their hair salons because obviously, we’re always looking for something new to torture our hairdressers (and our scalps) with. Well thank god for products like Olaplex which will somewhat salvage any dignity and life that exists beneath the gooped on bleach that is frying our hair...
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13 May

A Reflection on Hair and Personality

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 2.05.40 PM
Hair is the essential visual part of one’s personality. Quite a statement? Well, think of it this way: it’s one of the only superficial aspects of us that remains when the makeup and the clothes come off. Hair is always there. (Damn, I'd never look that good with Grey hair. Hats off to this lady—which I only wear on bad hair days of course.) Short and flirty, long and sultry, curled and quirky-- hair speaks to who you are as a person. Hair helps tell your story. What is one of the most common things people do when they are going through some major life event—good or bad? They change up their hair. I think that says a lot about how much weight we...
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13 May

24 Celebs Who’ve Rocked Great Lengths

Hollywood glamour. What comes to mind? Probably beauty, first and foremost. Luscious, flowing hair? Absolutely. It’s what we’ve been trained to notice (Talent? What’s that?! Just Kidding). Since the dawn of print media (and for millennia before it in one form or another—hello, Cleopatra) “fame” and “beauty” have become synonymous. And appropriately so—for when you’re in the public eye, you must look your best. Of course, this notion of adhering to media’s beauty standards and looking “perfect” has been challenged a lot lately and we’re all for that! We want you to be YOU and feel your best and most beautiful by your own definition. Anyway, we digress. Whether you do or don’t follow the status quo when it comes...
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