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8 Jul

Great Lengths Educator Spotlight: Nanci Lee

Great Lengths Educators are some of the best in the game. With all the tricks of the trade in their repertoire, these seasoned stylists teach the Great Lengths hands-on certification classes for extension application across the country.  We sat down to chat with the educators at America's Beauty Show earlier this year and we will be sharing their stories over the next few weeks. Up first is Nanci Lee (@nancileehair), a senior stylist at B2V Salon in Los Angeles, California. GL Beauty: Tell us a little bit about yourself and how long you've been doing hair. Nanci Lee: [laughs] Oh my god, I don't want to say how long I've been doing hair. That's embarrassing! I've been doing hair for about thirty...
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27 Jun

Instafamous Hairstylists Causing Serious Hair Envy

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 2.30.10 PM
Picture it: my dimly-lit bedroom, 4am, iPhone in hand, endlessly scrolling through Instagram. Somehow I went from innocently checking in on my ex-boyfriend's third cousin's dog to looking up Vanessa Hudgens' (and her boyfriend Austin Butler's) entire glam squad.  A few screenshots and scours through her tagged photos later, I find myself on Nine Zero One's Instagram (@ninezeroone)—one of LA's hottest salons. Co-owners Nikki Lee and Riawna Capri are to thank for the couple's covetable look. Now I'm ready to book a flight to LA and shell out an exorbitant amount of cash so my hair can look like Vanessa's (or Austins!)  We've all been on those Instagram journeys that bring us endless amounts of hair envy and inspiration. They may...
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24 Jun

10 Characters Whose Hair We Love (And Don’t)

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 11.44.35 PM
Unfortunately, the television characters we all know and love are just the figment of some random screenwriter’s imagination. We can’t actually grab a drink with Carrie Bradshaw at a chic SoHo restaurant or ask Peg Bundy for some motherly advice (uh, that last one probably wouldn’t be the greatest idea anyway). Even though these characters are fictional, their physical representations undoubtedly cast lasting impressions on us. As a visual species, we draw cues from our surroundings to create our own looks (or to gain awareness of what not to do). That being said, fictional characters in film and on television play a vital role in shaping their respective generation's style.   The following women may not actually be real, but their...
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16 Jun

Dogs Who Are Definitely Wearing Hair Extensions

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 2.22.56 PM
Dogs may be the most beautiful creatures to have ever graced this planet. Those puppy dog eyes, fluffy paws, and adorable little snouts are enough to reduce me to tears every time I make eye contact with a pup on the street. In fact, there are some dogs out there who are just so beautiful that I cannot help but think they have to be wearing hair extensions! I mean, how does that golden retriever have such a long, silky coat? What kind of poodle has such full curls in this NYC humidity? Those Blue Buffalo commercials have lead us to believe that it has something to do with their diet but I know there are some dogs out there...
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1 Jun

Ice Ice… Maybe?

According to Glamour, it is the hair for summer. Well, it does seem to be catching on—doesn't it? Celebrities everywhere are donning the new look—and we all know what that means: so will everyone else. Mark my word. You’re going to see a lot of borderline white hair this summer because people are reckless (but they’re going to look so damn good). This new hair trend is sweeping everyone off their feet and over to their hair salons because obviously, we’re always looking for something new to torture our hairdressers (and our scalps) with. Well thank god for products like Olaplex which will somewhat salvage any dignity and life that exists beneath the gooped on bleach that is frying our hair...
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23 May

On “Lemonade” and Loving Yourself

It has been a little over a month since Lemonade, Beyonce’s visual album, was released but I find new reasons to appreciate it with every subsequent re-watch and listen. Aside from the overwhelming sense of power, anger, and empathy I feel from the lyrics, I have taken so much from the corresponding film. For me, Lemonade’s most lasting impression is the diverse and inspiring depictions of women of color and their hair. Growing up mixed race in an extremely white community, I had no idea how my hair was supposed to look. The women on my mom’s side, the white side, all had naturally straight hair that they desperately attempted to curl. I have seen many a failed perm and body wave...
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13 May

Pastel Hair is Not Going Away—So Here’s How to Do it Right

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 2.51.13 PM
Pastel hair has been queen for what feels like forever now. You would think that at this point, the pretty pinks and subdued blues would feel tired. However, like any good trend with staying power, the pastel shades continue to evolve and stay fresh in our ever-changing beauty world. Here’s how you can make pastels work this season without feeling like it has all been done before.   Opal Take your mermaid hair to the next level by embracing the opal hair color trend. You’ll be as gorgeous as the pearls that inspire this color, with soft and iridescent pinks, blues, and purples highlighted throughout. This is definitely a color move that you’ll want to try with a very experienced hairstylist.   Pastel rainbow...
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13 May

A Reflection on Hair and Personality

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 2.05.40 PM
Hair is the essential visual part of one’s personality. Quite a statement? Well, think of it this way: it’s one of the only superficial aspects of us that remains when the makeup and the clothes come off. Hair is always there. (Damn, I'd never look that good with Grey hair. Hats off to this lady—which I only wear on bad hair days of course.) Short and flirty, long and sultry, curled and quirky-- hair speaks to who you are as a person. Hair helps tell your story. What is one of the most common things people do when they are going through some major life event—good or bad? They change up their hair. I think that says a lot about how much weight we...
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13 May

24 Celebs Who’ve Rocked Great Lengths

Hollywood glamour. What comes to mind? Probably beauty, first and foremost. Luscious, flowing hair? Absolutely. It’s what we’ve been trained to notice (Talent? What’s that?! Just Kidding). Since the dawn of print media (and for millennia before it in one form or another—hello, Cleopatra) “fame” and “beauty” have become synonymous. And appropriately so—for when you’re in the public eye, you must look your best. Of course, this notion of adhering to media’s beauty standards and looking “perfect” has been challenged a lot lately and we’re all for that! We want you to be YOU and feel your best and most beautiful by your own definition. Anyway, we digress. Whether you do or don’t follow the status quo when it comes...
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7 Apr

13 Timeless Hair Icons Who Continue to Inspire

All that’s old is new again! We are constantly looking to the past for contemporary inspiration. Luckily, there is no shortage of retro hair icons who have left their mark on the world with their lust-worthy locks. Here are a few of our favorites. Veronica Lake Veronica is queen of the most glamorous, side-parted waves to have ever hit the silver screen. During red carpet season, you’re sure to see modern interpretations of her flawless femme-fatale look. Cher Every one of Cher’s ever-evolving hairstyles are fabulous, but nothing can top her super-long and sleek 60s & 70s hair. Rock her middle part and some bell-bottoms and you’ll be ready to hair flip with the best of them. Brigitte Bardot She’s got bedroom eyes with the...
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